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Does your enterprise have an annual turnover less than R10 million? Find out more about Exempted Micro Enterprises.

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Is your annual turnover under R50 million? Find out more about Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE).

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BEE Scorecard

Does your annual turnover exceed R50 million?
Find out more about the Generic BEE Scorecard.

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Exempt Micro Enterprise

Is your company an entity with an annual turnover of under R10 million or a Start-up enterprise that registered in the last 12 months?
Your company then qualifies as a EME (Exempt Micro Enterprise).

EmpowerBEE specializes in quality and efficient service to our EME clients. We guarantee delivery of an EME certificate within 24 hours of receiving all relevant supporting documentation. Download and complete the EME application form by CLICKING HERE and submit the form and the required documents to either or fax to +27 (0)86 666 4094.


EMEs then automatically qualify as follows:

51% Black owned will qualify for --> Level 4 BEE status
≥51% but < 100% Black owned will qualify for --> Level 2
100% Black Owned will qualify for --> Level 1

Please note that companies in the below industry sectors have a lower threshold to qualify as an EME:

< R1.5 million

Construction Built Environment Professionals
(e.g. Architects, Consulting Engineers,
Quantity Surveyors, etc).

< R2.5 million

(e.g. accommodation, travel, hospitality
and related services)

< R2.5 million

Property Sector, Estate agents
or brokers

If you have any questions or need more clarification on the classifications
of EME's the team at EmpowerBEE is available to assist you.

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Qualifying Small Enterprises

Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE's) are businesses with an annual turnover of R50 million or less. They have to comply with the QSE scorecard which requires that they elect five of the seven elements of the scorecard to be measured on.


If you have any questions or need a quote,
the team at EmpowerBEE is available to assist you.

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Generic BEE Scorecard

Generic enterprises- Large Enterprises are businesses with an annual turnover in excess of R50 mil per annum.
They have to be measured on all seven elements of the scorecard.


1 100 or above 135%
2 85 to 99.99 125%
3 75 to 84.99 110%
4 65 to 74.99 100%
5 55 to 64.99 80%
6 45 to 54.99 60%
7 40 to 44.99 50%
8 30 to 39.99 10%
Non Compliant < 30 0%



If you have any questions or need a quote,
the team at EmpowerBEE is available to assist you.

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What is BEE?

Empowerbee (Pty) Ltd offers a streamlined process, whereby our team of professional verification analysts will assist you throughout the verification process . Our clients are important to us and we aim to support you through out this verification process. We also aim to complete your B-BBEE Verification within the shortest possible time frame, whilst maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our service delivery and credible verification analysts is what sets us apart from other verification Agencies.

Please contact us at, so we can assist you today with becoming BBBEE compliant at competitive rates and with a team of qualified BBBEE Professionals.

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Who qualify?

These elements are represented on a scorecard and most elements contain sub-categories. Each element has a weighting attached to it and these weightings add up to 100. Depending on the score out of 100 a business achieves, it is allocated a particular B-BBEE status level. This B-BBEE status level in turn, translates into a B-BBEE Recognition Level.

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What is included?

Measures such as employment preference, skills development, ownership, management, socio-economic development, enterprise development and preferential procurement.

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What does it do?

Successful implementers of BEE also see it as a means to create economic growth in South Africa, and as vital to advance their corporate strategy.

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